Selasa, 03 Oktober 2017

Beautiful Hello, Painful Goodbye.

From the first time we met, i knew that you will be alright without me, you'll be really fine even you didn't see my face and hear my voices for years.

But unfortunately, not with me.
I need to see you and makes sure that you're fine there.
I need to ask a simple "how are you" even though you didn't reply it honestly.

It's a shame fact, that i couldn't handle any loss in this live.
I ever live this world with a super lonely feeling and when Allah "gives" me a tons of happiness with so many lovely people, i become more eager to keep that things closer with me. It's such a shame, right?

I knew, you're, they're not mine.

It's just a beautiful hello before a painful goodbye.

But.. this "hello moment" made me sick of lonelyness. I really couldn't handle any lonely moment and couldn't see they're feeling lonely. I forgot, that sometimes, we need that "lonely moment" to make sure what is the biggest love in our heart.

Yes, actually it's hurt, it's always hurt when i started to feeling dumped. Ah, it's okay. I knew you're fine there, you'll always be fine even without anyone in this world. So, it's ok to leave me such as a small things in your live.

Allah, keep my heart belongs to You. Just belongs to You.

*Sorry for the grammar, not in the mood to write a story in a perfect grammar.

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